Friday, June 12, 2009


What a day...We arrived at the barns really late this morning. I barely had enough time to try to clean MissFire up and get changed to my show clothes before we had to report to a trainers meeting. During our meeting we went through the course with the three judges and were able to ask questions. After the meeting I went straight back and get MissFire since we were third out. As we entered the arena MissFire felt confident. She stood patiently for the judges to acknowledge and walked great into the shoot and we backed around the corner. It wasn't great but alright. She did step out and hit the poles before finishing the obstacle. She immediately started trotting with me and trotted around the cones great. She hopped right into the trailer, stood great, and backed out. We walked over the poles without hitting one (first time ever!) and picked up the bag and carried it to the next barrel. Then came the not so pretty 360 and picking up our feet. MissFire let me pick up the first one just fine but decided it was time to wiggle and would not allow me to pick up any other feet. When she finally decided it was time she was great! We headed over for the body conditioning where she stood great too! It was asking alot of her to allow 3 people walk around her at the same time but she did it. Overall it felt like a good go. I was very happy with her, it was way better than expected!

Our places overall we great. We tied for 4th in Body Conditioning and tied for 10th in the in hand competition. A very good day!

This evening I pulled the poor thing out of her stall and went out to ride. She was pretty good for the most part. She felt pretty fresh but handled herself. We worked on our leads and stretched our legs. She was thrilled to be out.

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  1. WOHOO!!! Hope the rest of the trip went well! Can't wait to hear all about it!