Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So we had a very productive week. We hit the trails, went to drill practice, sorted cows, ventured down the road alone. We worked hard and played hard. She loved all of it. I think the cows were her favorite. Saturday we went to drill and loped with the team. It was so fun and she was great! That evening we hit the trails again and went for a very low key ride. On the way back in I notice she seemed a bit "off" but I figured she was tired. Sunday I took her for another ride but noticed her leg was sore and very swollen. When I tacked her up for practice Saturday morning it appeared her bell boot had removed the hair and a small sored the skin a little but nothing to worry about so I put some stuff on it and left her boot off. Well Sunday this seemed to be a little infected but her knee seemed to be bothering her. The swelling around her pastern and the swelling above her knee seem to be two separate injuries so I made an appointment for the vet. After leaving the vet it was determined she has scratches. She said by tomorrow night I should see huge improvement so lets cross our fingers she gets better quickly.

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